About Jake Knott

Greetings, readers.

For those of you who haven’t become acquainted with me yet, the name is Jake Knott. I’m known by some as a conniving lunatic, while others take me as a guy who keeps to himself a lot. Well, in my own way, I’m somehow a fusion of both. To certain individuals, I treat myself as an open book. But to others, or the ones I don’t care for as much, I remain hidden in the background and don’t bring attention to myself. Trying to solve the mystery that is my mind would be equivalent to attempting to decipher an algebraic equation written in Hieroglyphics.

If you haven’t guessed by the blog title or my posts, I love movies. I love everything about movies, and I love discussing and debating everything regarding movies. That’s why this blog is here: to prove my love for the cinema in written form, and to transfer my ever-growing movie knowledge onto you, the reader. Am I the most knowledgeable person on Earth regarding movies? I wish. I’m no Roger Ebert, no matter how much I’d like to be. Minus the throat cancer of course.

But I press on. Here on this blog, I aim to post consistently updated material, namely film reviews, columns, and so forth. I hope to engross your mind enough to the point where my blog is the place where you check the ratings of upcoming movies. And as I gain more knowledge about the cinema, so will my posts, so bare with me if at first my writing style seems obscure in any way. Everybody needs to start somewhere.

Tell your friends, tell your family, even tell your dog. Everyone needs to know about Jake Knott At The Movies!

From the front row,

Jake Knott


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